Spiritual & Creative Growth

I see creative aspects of the self as central to both individual and collective health. It is often our creative parts that are our greatest resources and sometimes the first to be marginalized or shut down when we are busy, stressed or struggling with a problem. Our inner artists know intuitively that there is a relationship between mental health and creative expression but “finding our voice” can be fraught with fear, self-judgement and limiting cultural messages. 

 Similarly, our spiritual selves, be it through religion, communion with nature, or other intentional practices that connect us with a deeper sense of meaning, purpose and identity, are natural healers when supported, seen and given opportunities for healthy expression. 

 I tailor counseling methods such as mindfulness practices, somatic awareness, expressive arts and writing to your specific creative and spiritual needs, supporting you in deepening your connection to these aspects of yourself to help you grow, heal and develop as a being.

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